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  1. I agree, Julie is sensational. Lilly is awesome as well. Jessica is aweful, as is apple and many of the others. If I only had one fuck for the rest of my life, it would gladly be Cindy. Why does she only work Friday and why does the management keep saying ‘she no work here any more.’ I agree the woman on reception is nice, but could that stupid interfering manager leave.
    I was having a very pleasant hour with Cindy and all I could hear from outside the door was the stupid manager arguing with a tradesman.

    Better PR from the manager is required or this place, Julie or no Julie will wither and die.
    PS Cindy I bought you a nice little Christmas present, hope to see you soon.

  2. can you tell me what is the difference between NATURAL BLOWJOB and BBBJ as these terms are often used in your description of your ladies.

    which of your ladies do only cfs and cbj and nothing else

  3. Hi Helen

    Can you tell me if any of the ladies have piercings and which ladies have a fully shaved pussy as I love to DATY without any muff


  4. Thank you Helen, please to meet and talking to you, your friendliness makes it a relaxing experience to visit
    it was a lovely pleasure to see malissa and honey, and to reacquaint with ladies who I enjoy their company
    Hope to see you and other ladies again soon
    Your shop is clean and friendly
    Best wishes

  5. Dear RR,
    Hi There,
    can you tell me if natalie is fully shaved?
    Also does she provide the following services
    1) GFE
    2) DATY
    3) DFK
    How long she been working for your company?

  6. Hi There,
    can you tell me if Natalie is fully shaved?
    Also does she provide the following services
    1) GFE
    2) DATY
    3) DFK
    How long she been working for your company?

  7. It was a pleasure to talk to you Helen and thank you for introducing me to Mimi
    Lovely young lady, excellent service, walked away satisfied
    Hope to see you and more of the ladies again soon
    Best wishes
    Cheers Steve

  8. Great shop last time I visited. Please tell me if I need to pay any extras with Julia or are all services included?

  9. I am visiting on Tuesday. Any suggestions which lady I should see? I enjoy a lady who likes to give bbbj otherwise I am not fussy, but want this visit to be one to remember.

  10. Do any of your girls have nice long fingernails? I just want a scratch n BJ session using those nails. No fuck. Thanks.

  11. Went here for the first time after over 9 months, saw CiCi.
    Beware – The services they claim are not true, no BBBJ, nothing. Lucky to even get the basics.

  12. Hi

    I am planning visiting on Sunday. Any suggestions which lady I should see?
    Julia or Paula ?

    Which one provide the following services:

    DATY, DFK, GFE, NATURAL BLOWJOB, BBBJ, 69, juicy and clean pussy. Also I like Rimming, and maybe Anal and CIM.

    Clean and friendly please.

  13. Hi, my first visit I missed Julia but saw a lovely lady who took good care of me with a bbbj. Who is best bbbj on thursday roster for my next visit?

  14. hi
    planning to visit today. who will provide an all in one service. this is my first time. want to have your best available lady today, bbbj, natural bj, anal

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