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  1. A Girlfriend Great in Bed

Growing up in Shanghai’s fashion district Sia’s unique ambitions to dominate the catwalk.  Sia comes to Australia with only one thing on her mind and that is to please you! Sia’s body speaks for itself – fit, toned, and those sexually defined abs. She works hard every single day to make sure your every fantasy is fulfilled. When you start your session with Sia take some time to marvel at her sexy figure because you won’t find another genuine ex-catwalk model working in any other location in Sydney. Her service is sensual and she will become your girlfriend for the time of your booking. She will lick you from head to toe. Years of dieting made Sia incredibly hungry and the rumour is that at the end of your session you may find she swallows your jizz after she desperately tries to catch it all in that sweet little mouth of hers. Whether it lands in her mouth or on her face its the money shot of this ex-model that you will never forget. An absolute stunning body and personality that should be admired before she travels back to Shanghai!

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Sia在上海長大。 Sia來到澳大利亞只是想著一件事,那就是取悅您! Sia的身體不言而喻-身體健康,定調子和那些性感的腹肌。她每天都在努力工作,以確保您實現每個幻想。當您開始與Sia交談時,花一些時間驚嘆於她的性感身材,因為在悉尼的其他任何地方都找不到其他真正的走秀模特。她的服務是感性的,在您預訂時她將成為您的女朋友。

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