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Chatswood brothel

How to choose the best brothel: This article is for those young gentlemen out there considering their first paid for encounter with a woman.  First things first – unless you are 12 beers or half a bottle of bourbon deep for the evening – you are going to be fucking nervous!  Now to reduce your […]


Attactive with awesome skills Marry- is very attractive from head to toe and has a sleek model figure with long silky brown hair. She is stunning in person and also behind closed doors. Ara is a very graceful person, you will fall for her personality and her awesome set of skills. Marry’s Photos


Whisky Young, Sexy and Beautiful Whisky – A magazine model return to 104 Roseville Rose with innocent looking pretty face and sexy body. Size 6 with D cup Brown shouler length hair, Big charming eyes, Smooth skin as before and more experienced, she bright, open super active yet gentel. Service second to none. Call now […]


Christina Bubbly and joyful personality A girl with a smile and look that make you hungry for love. She is willing to please. Bubbly and joyful personality. Excellent service. Christina’s Photos

Sydney's Best Blowjob


Do working girls have orgasms? It’s that question everyone want’s to know the answer to.  We understand most men out there are not selfish fucking pigs and you get off when she gets off!  And yeah, if the girl fakes it maybe that does it for you – but if you really feel it that’s […]

chatswood brothel mystery


Mystery Pussy This bitch isn’t for the faint hearted.  She will fuck you, make you fall in love with her, then fuck you again, and again, and again.  Her specialty is having ‘tongue around the world’ service – just think rimming on steroids!  You should have realised by now that at Roseville Rose we don’t […]


A Girlfriend Great in Bed Growing up in Shanghai’s fashion district Sia’s unique ambitions to dominate the catwalk.  Sia comes to Australia with only one thing on her mind and that is to please you! Sia’s body speaks for itself – fit, toned, and those sexually defined abs. She works hard every single day to […]

Sydney Asian Escort


Andy   Youthful Chinese sweetheart   I love being able to introduce myself as the youngest Chinese girl working in Sydney.  I started when I was 18, but wow, time flies and I just had my 19th birthday in June.  My skinny body looks amazing in the new lingerie I bought myself as a present – but you can check […]

chatswood brothel lesbian


Lesbians The Real Thing: When people think about Roseville Rose 104 we want them to think of the following: Honesty; Integrity; and Naughty good looking Asian babes that won’t go through 4 boxes of tissues when you book a lesbian double. How many times have you been stitched up by someone offering a “real” lesbian […]

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