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Attactive with awesome skills Jessie- is very attractive from head to toe and has a sleek model figure with long silky brown hair. She is stunning in person and also behind closed doors. Ara is a very graceful person, you will fall for her personality and her awesome set of skills. 精湛的技巧 傑西(Jessie)從頭到腳都很吸引人,造型優美,長發如絲般柔滑。 她的面容令人驚嘆,是一個非常優雅的人,您會愛上她的個性和出色的技能。 Jessie’s […]


Gorgeous young girl Sonia is our gorgeous young girl, who will win you over with her cheeky nature and glowing sex appeal. A sexy tease from the moment you meet, she is sure to get your attention, and with a passionately erotic nature, will quickly have you weak at the knees 華美的女孩 索尼婭(Sonia)是我們漂亮的年輕姑娘,她的厚臉皮自然和迷人的性魅力會吸引您。 從見面那一刻起,她就會性感地挑逗,她一定會引起您的注意,並且擁有熱情的色情天性,很快就會使您屈膝 Sonia’s […]

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Lesbians The Real Thing: When people think about Roseville Rose 104 we want them to think of the following: Honesty; Integrity; and Naughty good looking Asian babes that won’t go through 4 boxes of tissues when you book a lesbian double. How many times have you been stitched up by someone offering a “real” lesbian […]

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BANGKOK’S BACKDOOR THAI SMILE Judy   Bangkok Babe   I like to think of myself as a sexy alternative to all of my gorgeous Cantonese and Mandarin speaking friends at Roseville Rose.  I come from Thailand and want to share the best and sexiest parts of my culture with you.  You will be enchanted by my tanned skin, massively […]


Delightful Chinese Pocket Rocket My name is Yuki.  Are you ok?  It would be my absolute pleasure for you to be pleasured during our time together.  I am small, energetic, and have the sexiest lips that are just waiting to plant themselves all over your body.  Teasing a man is one of my favourite hobbies […]

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Tina Cheeky little girl At Roseville Rose 104 I am known as the cheeky one because I am always smirking like I’ve done something naughty.  Trust me baby, once you get passed the smirk there is a bundle of fun hiding away.  I stand proudly at 162cms tall and have a slender toned body and an adorable […]

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Elia Slim and sexy I really am one of the slimmest girls in Sydney.  My dress size is a petite five.  I have immense troubles finding suitable clothes because resting just above my flat toned stomach is a set of enhanced DD breasts that really stand out.  Some people describe me as having a porn-star body but […]


The Thai Pocket Rocket:  Introducing one of our newest, smallest and naughtiest members of the Roseville Rose 104 team.  Selina is literally the sweetest and sexiest freak Roseville Rose has to offer.  She is well known within the industry as a sex kitten who will be bouncing off the walls and all over you as […]


Lily Exquisite and sensual >如此小巧又性感 Here comes most exquisite and sensual female to grace Roseville.  she enjoy all things that you enjoy and her luscious brown eyes light up every time you see her smile.  It would make your day if you booked her and you could get to know her personally and intimately.  I […]

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