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Real 21 Year Old Chinese Student: 


She is the sexy little wild cat in the eyes of men. The delicate flowers in the Roseville Rose. She has a gorgeous but not vulgar temperament, a sexy and hot body, sometimes gentle and unrestrained. Always give people unexpected surprises! Her perfect little body, big natural breasts and sexy curves will leave you breathless. She can be your gentle and sweet dream lover. She can also be the hot and wild porn star in your fantasy, she can makes you forget the existence of time, ecstasy every second, unforgettable experience

Bella only offers Diamond Service.  But what a carat diamond that is, Phew, she is one hot gem.

And she is available right here ,at Chatswood favourite Brothel , Roseville Rose 104


Bella 只提供钻石服务


  • Tham mun jun
    25 October 2020

    Could I know more about this girl?
    Could her can be my girlfriend?

  • TheSweetSideHustle
    29 July 2020

    As a regular, I’d like to give my view. I’m not here to be protective, I am here to share. I am aware that experience can vary.
    As a general statement, I am a very happy customer at RR, because many of the girls are really service-oriented.
    With Bella, I had many hours with her. As a Single or Double or, in rare occasions, 3 girls. Bella is about the prettiest I’ve ever met in a parlor. Top body. Natural boobs to die for. My experience with her varies, not all sessions were great. Sometimes she is sidetracked and not fully attentive. But I figured, what really works with her: allow some time, 2 hours or more. Give her space, it’s not all about sex.
    She is amazing when she is in her zone, she is a pocket rocket, a fire cracker. No limits. This is not a girl who provides a scripted service. I’ve witnessed her being unstoppable.

    She is a natural. Just treat her like she was a stranger you want to seduce to do everything. She has been around for a while. She’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

  • 14 July 2020

    Good Afternoon,

    Thanks for the feedback. We apologise if your comment was deleted by mistake as each day we delete spam messages from robots/people posting links to their websites. Give us a call and we would be very happy to discuss your experience and see if there is anything we can do to make it up to you. We can assure you and everyone that Bella’s service standards are usually second to none, and her looks are out of this world. But, if something has gone wrong give us a call on 94167291 for a personal chat.



  • Buddy
    12 July 2020

    Last time I wrote something very similar to your situation. It was taken down from auxxxreview & also was lock out of the website by Andrew Blake

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