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Sydney Asian Escort


Claire is famous at Roseville Rose 104 (and the entirety of Sydney for that matter) for providing the most intimate diamond service.  Her photo’s speak for themselves but her service is something to be marvelled at and you must try it today.

Huge Tits – Spanish?

An asian girl with natural huge tits is almost impossible to find these days.  But right here at Roseville Rose 104 we have got you covered.  Spanish is one of those amazing services that just doesn’t work with enhanced breasts.  Luckily, there is nothing fake about Claire and she is ready to use those huge DD sensations to make you cum.  The service is complimented by her amazing natural blowjob that will leave you quivering.

Diamond Service

Because of Claire’s youth, natural beauty and amazing service she is a Diamond Service only girl and her rates start at $250 an hour.  Don’t stress – every extra cent you spend is worth its weight in gold.  No one has ever complained about Claire’s service and we don’t expect you happy gentlemen to begin now.  Make a booking today!

Claire’s Photos


  • Mike
    3 July 2020

    Ive tried to book her a few times over that past 12 months, but reception says, not in, period, holdiays etc. Is she real? And as Ben said they advetised her before as korean not chinese.

    Has anyone actually booked her??

    • John
      6 July 2020

      She definitely is real her photos are real. I have seen her a few times shes lovely, very beautifyl and worth seeing but she does suddenly take time off on short notice.

    • Jerry
      5 August 2020

      Is it confirm?

  • Rob
    2 July 2020

    Hi, She looks beautiful.
    What hours does she normally work, start and finish?

    Would like to see her

  • 2 July 2020

    Hey Ben,

    Claire is 100% genuine and these photo’s are real and recent. We will accept any feedback from our client’s and work incredibly hard to solve any issues that arise. However, I would encourage you to come and visit Claire. Amazing service and one of the most stunning Asian girls in Sydney. If you like, when you arrive you can take a selfie with her and we can post it online for everyone to see. If you are not comfortable with this I can post a selfie of Claire and myself tomorrow.

    Hope to see you soon.



    • Bryan
      2 July 2020

      Please post a selfie of her would like to see her..

    • greg
      2 July 2020

      He didn’t say it is not real,he said edited and yes,she was advertised as korean before 🙂

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