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Macquarie University’s Student

Bella has a best friend  CoCo – Guess what, she is now exclusive to Roseville Rose 104. 

What’s your fantasy?  A young university student to tie up?  This is exactly why Roseville Rose 104 is known as “The Best Brothel Near You” because we make sure there is nothing we cannot deliver.  We find them young and we find them naughty – thats what we do because thats what you like.

A star in the making

Beautiful foxy girl with the body of a model. Passionate and sensual, certainly offers one of the best service. A star in the making.

And available at Chatswood ‘s favourite Brothel, Roseville Rose 104.

你的幻想是什麼? 一個年輕的大學生要綁起來嗎? 這就是為什麼Roseville Rose 104被稱為“您附近最好的的原因,因為我們確保沒有什麼我們無法提供。 我們發現他們年輕,我們發現他們調皮-那就是我們所做的,因為那就是您喜歡的。

有模型的身體的美麗的女孩。 充滿激情和感性,當然是最好的服務之一。 

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