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Slim and sexy
I really am one of the slimmest girls in Sydney.  My dress size is a petite five.  I have immense troubles finding suitable clothes because resting just above my flat toned stomach is a set of enhanced DD breasts that really stand out.  Some people describe me as having a porn-star body but I prefer to say I have the body of a superstar.  I am slim, I am sexy, and we haven’t even started talking about my cute little bottom yet!
My lips
Lets start with my face.  Underneath my glaring green eyes is a set of full cherry red cheeks and a mouth that is just inviting you to passionately kiss it.  Kissing my lips is just half the fun – I love whispering naughty words into your ear whilst I nibble on your lobe.  I’ve been told this gets peoples blood rushing to all the right areas but you wait to see for yourself.  You can use your imagination for my other pair of lips.
Spa time
My favourite types of bookings involve a spa together.  I just love the thought of soaping you up and caressing every little inch of your body underwater.  The thought of being wet with you gets me wet.  Come visit me and I’ll have the water steaming and waiting for you. 
I offer both silver and diamond service – my diamond service includes showering together, an intense natural deep throat blowjob, rimming, deep French kissing, and to finish it all off you can cum in my mouth.
If you book me today , you will see and feel what a skilled lady I am, right here at my favourite
Chatswood Brothel, Roseville Rose 104.


我確實是悉尼最苗條的女孩之一。 我的衣服尺寸很小。  有人形容我擁有色情明星的身材,但我更喜歡說我擁有超級巨星的身材。 我苗條,性感,我們甚至還沒有開始談論我可愛的小屁股!

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  • George
    25 November 2020

    Does anyone know is Elia is still fully shaven and smooth as she was pre Covid, wanting to catch up with her again for some fun

  • Ballsplus
    23 November 2020

    Does anyone know if Elia is fully shaved and smooth as she was last year when I had fun with her

  • Rick
    27 August 2020

    Your pics don’t do Elia credit. She’s the sexiest courtesan you have IMO. And wonderful service. Hope she’s back soon.

  • alex
    4 August 2020

    i am really amazed with her ass does she offer anal sex

  • alex
    27 July 2020

    does she offer anal service?

  • PTP Marauder
    29 June 2020

    IS this the same Elia as before Covid shutdown?

    She had a great BBBJ technique – she blocks her throat and pushes down on Pecy, pushing down satisfyingly.

    WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS on this comment?

    • 2 July 2020

      Thanks for the comment. Same Elia as before. Look forward to some more original photos and a video soon.


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