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The Next Best Thing – Maybe Better?


A Good Time Girl

So if you remember Fei-Fei 1 (and lets face it who can forget her) you know she was always down for a good time.  That anything goes attitude is shared by her successor.  There was a bloke who used to come here and tell us every time after his booking that Fei-Fei was his “number one”.  He came in today to check out who was on and well we told him Fei-Fei he almost handed over his credit card and pin number.  Anyway, his initial disappointment was followed by a five hour booking and a big smile on his way out.

She Is Here to Stay

So – we have sent the original Fei-Fei a message letting her know that her successor has arrived and she is even more keen to come back to claim her place on top of the podium.  Until then, make sure you visit Fei-Fei 2, and make sure you let us know what you think.  The more we tell the original the more she is going to be eager to please when she is finally allowed to return to Roseville Rose 104.  Fei-Fei 2 offers both Silver and Diamond Service.  

Only at Chatswood favourite Brothel,  Roseville Rose 104.

又有谁能忘记 Fei Fei?预约电话连绵不绝,曾经有人每日倾囊相予,次次满意而归,如今仍来电问询翘首期盼,奈何国门紧闭,不知佳人何时归。

在Fei Fei回归之前,我们隆重推荐新Fei Fei

Fei-Fei 2’s Photos

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  • George
    10 July 2020

    Hi does Fei-Fei-2 want the whip used on her or is it her toy to play with on me whilst I use my spanker on her

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