Party at a Brothel

Sydney’s Secret Hideaway of Pleasure

So what’s all the excitement in Roseville for lately?  Well, let’s try get to the bottom of it.  Roseville is a peaceful affluent suburb in the Lower North Shore of Sydney.  It’s full of backyard tennis courts, three story houses, and they even found a small but of water to set up a marina so the nice folk can access their super yachts!

In this most unsuspecting of all places is a bordello of epic proportions and the origin of countless untold sinful fantasies.  Little 104 Pacific Highway – just near the train station – is about as discreet as can be.  A semi-tinted stainless steel frames glass door.  A flight of about 10-12 stairs.  And then, wow!  Life feels different and it’s almost as if you are not in Roseville any more.

You are now in a world of sexual debauchery and adulterous pleasure.  The lighting is dim – the ambience is red – and the girls are always happy to see you!  If you are looking for a ‘local holiday’ away from the stresses and fullness of Sydney.  Then this is the place for you.  Make a booking today and be sure to leave a five star rating on trip advisor!

Make sure you try out the luxurious jacuzzis that are the perfect party starter.

Sydney brothel


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