sydney brothel spy

The spy who loved me

Sex is dangerous. It increases your emotions, clouds your judgement, and is highly addictive!

At Roseville Rose – we like to live life dangerously…

So if you want to unleash the double agent international spy hidden within – “live life dangerously” for once.  Now, was that James Bond or Austin Powers who said that?  Does it matter – both were cool international spies who seemed to have a liking (and a way) with very sexy ladies.

So we challenge you: go undercover, prepare your secret spy gadgets, and get excited!  Our girls are just waiting to be swept off their heels by that charismatic, tall, handsome, and just irresistible gentleman!  So if that sounds like you then visit us today.

And hey, even if you are short, fat ugly, and bald – our girls can’t wait to meet you!  At 104 Roseville Rose our secret mission everyday is to spread entertainment and pleasure throughout Sydney.

All are welcome – and there are a couple of wild young Asian girls here who love role play and dress ups.  Ever played “the spy who loved me?”. It can lead to your wild dreams coming true – but careful careful there handsome… If you get caught then you are fucked!  Haha haha fucked until you cum!



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