That Glamorous Oriental Seductress

So typically Roseville Rose is a hub for glamorous Asian girls who specialise in wild service. And I guess the point of this article is to say that nothing has really changed – except we just found this cute and naive heeoine was born in Mainland China.

Sydney’s Secret Hideaway of Pleasure

So what’s all the excitement in Roseville for lately?  Well, let’s try get to the bottom of it.  Roseville is a peaceful affluent suburb in the Lower North Shore of Sydney.  It’s full of backyard tennis courts, three story houses, and they even found a small but of water to set up a marina so the nice folk can access their super yachts!

In this most unsuspecting of all places is a bordello of epic proportions and the origin of countless untold sinful fantasies.  Little 104 Pacific Highway – just near the train station – is about as discreet as can be.  A semi-tinted stainless steel frames glass door.  A flight of about 10-12 stairs.  And then, wow!  Life feels different and it’s almost as if you are not in Roseville any more.

You are now in a world of sexual debauchery and adulterous pleasure.  The lighting is dim – the ambience is red – and the girls are always happy to see you!  If you are looking for a ‘local holiday’ away from the stresses and fullness of Sydney.  Then this is the place for you.  Make a booking today and be sure to leave a five star rating on trip advisor!

Make sure you try out the luxurious jacuzzis that are the perfect party starter.

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